Off-Ice Classes

Off-Ice Classes for Figure Skaters

Dryland Jump/Spin Traning, Thursday 6:40-7:10pm now thru June 4, 2021: This class is led by coaches from our Skating Academy team. Limited in-person space, also avail virtually until further notice. Class included in the PIC Figure Skating Academy Program at no additional charge.

For Zoom info/passwords, contact

Ballet for Skaters Class: Tuesdays 6 - 6:45pm now thru June 4, 2021. $10/drop-in.

Limited in-person space available. To join via Zoom, contact

Ballet class included in the Academy Program at no additional charge.

Ballet for skaters – This class will develop skaters technically while teaching the correct use of the musculature and proper body alignment. Ballet provides rigor, focus, and elegance on the ice. This class will begin with barre work to establish proper body alignment and the correct use of feet, knees, hips, spin, arms, and head through plie, tendu and jete. Students will further develop and improve their flexibility while gaining muscle strength to support their joints. Students will also learn port de bras, musicality, and extension by incorporating a variety of across the floor combinations.